Company Profile

Xigang Technologies is an established and comprehensive manufacturing and sourcing company founded in 2004. We offer a wide range of products and services including metal and plastic products by machining and molding, furniture, wireless controller and sourcing services.

Furthermore, we help inventors and designers turn their ideas into actual products without the need to pay upfront for molding, but rather have this cost incorporated at a reduced rate with the order upon agreement on desired quantities.

Our corporate mission is to empower overseas companies to achieve competitive advantage by providing them with high-quality and cost-effective one-stop sourcing services, as well as to help designers and inventors obtain assistance from the relevant specialists so that they might turn their ideas into products that can be launched on the market. We are capable of coordinating all process from initial design through to manufacturing and production, quality control, assembly, packaging, logistics, and ultra-fast delivery.

We work with many international retailers and leading industrial giants in the US, Europe and South America. At Xigang, we believe in developing and maintaining strong working relationships with both our local and global customers and highly professional partners. We are committed to high-quality performance and with many years experience we have built up a sound knowledge of Western markets; we understand what our customers' needs and requirements are.

Our office is based in Shanghai, China, where our employees and purchasing management team, consisting of high-caliber specialists, are dedicated to identifying and evaluating the most suitable suppliers, negotiating optimal prices, overseeing production processes, controlling quality standards and providing logistical support.